Byggvir Winners 2016

Best of Show Beer which will be brewed at Town HallTravis Lott32A Classic Style Smoked BeerSmoked Dragon's Blood
1st Runner Up Beer Jordan Standish29A - Fruit BeerBlueberry Milk Stout
Best of Show Mead/Cider Josh LandyC1A - New World CiderIt's a Shame I'm Out and Don't   have Any to Share  with Gera
Fruit, Spice or Specialty Beer which will be brewed at Roets Jordan Brewery Joshua Secaur29A - Fruit BeerPassionate Blasphemy
CategoryPlaceNameStyleEntry Name
Historic   (Cateogry A & B)1st PlaceAric DaulB - Historic HoppedOude Klomp
 2nd PlaceMatthew WeideB - Historic HoppedKvass
 3rd PlaceBen WatsonA - Historic Non-hoppedJe Suis Gruit
CategoryPlaceNameStyleEntry Name
Pale   Bitter European (Category 5)1st PlaceMatt Harren5B - KolschKolsch
 2nd PlaceWayne Doucette5D - German PilsPilsner
 3rd PlaceBrock Selleck5D - German PilsUm…German Pilsner
CategoryPlaceNameStyleEntry Name
Amber   Malty European (Category 6) & Dark European (Category 8)1st PlaceIan Campbell6A - MarzenQuadtoberfest
 2nd PlaceIan Campbell8A - Munich DunkelAutumn Dunkel
 3rd PlaceNorm Myhre8B - SchwarzbierBrazilian Black
CategoryPlaceNameStyleEntry Name
Amber   Bitter European (Category 7) & German Wheat (Category 10)1st PlaceSean Kampshoff7B - AltbierSean's Alt
 2nd PlaceSean Kampshoff7A - Vienna LagerSean's Vienna
 3rd PlaceNorm Myhre7C - KellerbierLawnmower Lager
CategoryPlaceNameStyleEntry Name
Strong   European (Category 9) & Strong British (Category 17)1st PlaceSean Kampshoff9A - DoppelbockSean's Bock
 2nd PlaceSean Kampshoff9B - EisbockSean's Bock
 3rd PlaceNicholas Paulson17C - Wee HeavyThe Remington
CategoryPlaceNameStyleEntry Name
British   (Category 11)1st PlaceRichard Pizarro11A - Ordinary BitterOrdinary Bitter 2016
 2nd PlaceRichard Lauhead11C - Strong BitterFuller's ESB Clone
 3rd PlaceMichael Behrendt11B - Best BitterBitter
CategoryPlaceNameStyleEntry Name
British   Brown (Category 13) 1st PlaceAndy Martinson13C - English PorterToasted Oat Porter
 2nd PlaceBenjamin Pearson13B - British BrownBrother Ben Big Brown
 3rd PlaceMichael Behrendt13A - Dark MildDark Mild
CategoryPlaceNameStyleEntry Name
Irish   (Category 15) 1st PlaceAndy Martinson15B - Irish StoutDry Stout
 2nd PlaceKevin Culver15A - Irish Red AleIrish Red
 3rd PlacePat McNeely15B - Irish StoutDry Irish Stout
CategoryPlaceNameStyleEntry Name
Dark   British (Category 16) 1st PlaceAndy Martinson16D - Foreign Extra StoutExtra Stout
 2nd PlaceJordan Standish16A - Sweet StoutSweet Stout
 3rd PlaceJeremy Painter16D - Foreign Extra StoutShirley Blackness
CategoryPlaceNameStyleEntry Name
European   Sour (Category 23) & Wild (Category 28)1st PlaceSean Kampshoff23A - Berliner WeisseSean's Berliner
 2nd PlaceSean Kampshoff28C - Wild Specialty BeerRaspberry Sour
 3rd PlaceSean Kampshoff23C - Oud BruinSean's Flanders
CategoryPlaceNameStyleEntry Name
Belgian   (Category 24) 1st PlaceMatthew Okoneski24B - Belgian Pale AleBloody Nibs
 2nd PlacePaula Plant24C - Biere de GardeBarely Enormous
 3rd PlaceJustin Borek24B - Belgian Pale AleWest Coast Belgo-American   Imperial Session IPA
CategoryPlaceNameStyleEntry Name
Strong   Belgian (Category 25) 1st PlacePat McNeely25B - SaisonRye Saison
 2nd PlaceGarrick van Buren25A - Belgian Blond AleSerious Blond
 3rd PlaceJeremy Olsen25B - SaisonSaison
CategoryPlaceNameStyleEntry Name
Trappist   (Category 26)1st PlaceSean Kampshoff26A - Trappist SingleSean's Single
 2nd PlaceGarrick van Buren26A - Trappist SingleSingle Ballast
 3rd PlaceDavid Matson26C - Belgian TripelTreble Hook Tripel
CategoryPlaceNameStyleEntry Name
Fruit   (Category 29)1st PlaceJordan Standish29A - Fruit BeerBlueberry Milk Stout
 2nd PlaceJoshua Secaur29A - Fruit BeerPassionate Blasphemy
 3rd PlaceSean Kampshoff29A - Fruit BeerSean's Blood Orange Berliner
CategoryPlaceNameStyleEntry Name
Spice   (Category 30) & Specialty (Category 34)1st PlaceSean Kampshoff34C - Experimental BeerSean's Imperial Milk Stout
 2nd PlaceJeremy Painter30C - Winter Seasonal BeerGingerbread Stout
 3rd PlaceRichard Lauhead34C - Experimental BeerPrivate Rye Underground Brown   Ale
CategoryPlaceNameStyleEntry Name
Smoke (Category 32) & Wood (Category 33)1st PlaceTravis Lott32A Classic Style Smoked BeerSmoked Dragon's Blood
 2nd PlaceDavid Matson33B - Specialty Wood-Aged BeerBourbon Barrel Porter
 3rd PlaceNorm Myhre33A - Wood-Aged BeerScotch-n-Scotch
CategoryPlaceNameStyleEntry Name
Standard   Cider (Category C1)1st PlaceJosh LandyC1A - New World CiderIt's a Shame I'm Out and Don't   have Any to Share  with Gera
 2nd PlaceScott RyanC1A - New World CiderAged Cider
 3rd PlaceJeremy OlsenC1A - New World CiderCider 1.0
CategoryPlaceNameStyleEntry Name
Specialty   Cider (Category C2)1st PlaceJeremy OlsenC2A - New England CiderCider 2.0
 2nd PlaceRichard LauheadC2E - Cider with Herbs/SpicesApple Cider with Cinnamon
 3rd PlaceScott RyanC2E - Cider with Herbs/SpicesZestar Jester Ginger Cider
CategoryPlaceNameStyleEntry Name
Specialty   Cider (Category C2)1st PlaceJeremy OlsenC2A - New England CiderCider 2.0
Traditional   Mead (Category M1)1st PlacePat McNeelyM1C - Sweet MeadOrange Blossom Mead
 2nd PlaceJosh MahoneyM1C - Sweet MeadSweetness
 3rd PlacePat McNeelyM1B - Semi-Sweet MeadGuajilo
CategoryPlaceNameStyleEntry Name
Fruit   Mead (Category M2) & Spice Mead (Category M3)1st PlaceJon HunterM2C - Berry MeadForager's Reward
 2nd PlaceWayne DoucetteM2E - MelomelBerry Mead
 3rd PlaceJosh MahoneyM3B - Spice, Herb, or Vegetable   MeadCoconut Habit