Contest Rules

Who is Eligible to Enter?

The competition is open to any homebrewer from within the United States who is at least 21 years old. Affiliation of entrants with AHA is NOT a requirement. Contestants will be considered as an individual entrant on the basis of person's name appearing on the registration form. Combinations of brewers should appear in the same order on all entries. Applicable entry fees and entry limitations shall apply.

Homebrewer may not use homebrewing facilities other than their own, unless brewed with the help of the owner of other homebrewing facilities. Furthermore, in this case, the beer must be entered under the name of all brewers who helped. Beers brewed in commercially licensed facilities, brew on premise, whether for commercial research or production, or for any other purpose, are ineligible.

Beer entries will be judged in classes and subcategories listed on this page under BEER CATEGORIES. Some categories may be collapsed for judging purposes due to lack of entries. Each entry should be entered according to the latest AHA/BJCP style guidelines. Entries must be referred to by category and subcategory letter.

Entry Fees

Entry fees for this competition are $6.00 per entry.  Your entry fees must be made online using PayPal.  Entries submitted without payment will be disqualified.  

Online Registration Only Contest

All entries must be submitted via the online website.  Participants must register all entries prior to drop-off or shipping.  

Limited Style-Appropriate Contest

Byggvir's Big Beer Cup is a style appropriate event, only open to historically appropriate styles. for a full discription of the style selection and listings, please see Style Categories.