Contest Styles

Byggvir's Big Beer Cup is a style appropriate event, only open to historically appropriate styles. (To understand why styles are or are not included, read about the criteria for selecting these styles - Criteria for Selecting the Beer Styles included in Byggvir's Big Beer Cup)

Styles marked with a numeric-only style number are Byggvir defined styles, while styles marked with a numeric-alpha style number are defined by the BJCP Guidelines.  

The link in the Style Name column will take you to this site's style definition, and will be the comprehensive listing for that non-BJCP styles.  The link in the BJCP Style Link column will take you to the published BJCP Style Guidelines website - these definitions will be used for the Big Beer Cup Judging.

Here is the comprehensive Style list for Byggvir's Big Beer Cup, the content are sortable by clicking on the column titles:

Judging Category Contest Styles
Liftbridge 01A - American Light Lager
Liftbridge 01B - American Lager
Liftbridge 01C - Cream Ale
Liftbridge 01D - American Wheat Beer
Liftbridge 02A - International Pale Lager
Liftbridge 02B - International Amber Lager
Liftbridge 02C - International Dark Lager
Liftbridge 03A - Czech Pale Lager
Liftbridge 03B - Czech Premium Pale Lager
Liftbridge 03C - Czech Amber Lager
Liftbridge 03D - Czech Dark Lager
Liftbridge 04A - Munich Helles
Liftbridge 04B - Festbier
Liftbridge 04C - Helles Bock
Liftbridge 05A - German Leichtbier
Liftbridge 05B - Kölsch
Liftbridge 05C - German Helles Exportbier
Liftbridge 05D - German Pils
Liftbridge 06A- Märzen
Liftbridge 06B - Rauchbier
Liftbridge 06C - Dunkles Bock
Liftbridge 07A - Vienna Lager
Liftbridge 07B - Altbier
Liftbridge 07C - Kellerbier
Liftbridge 08A - Munich Dunkel
Liftbridge 08B - Schwarzbier
Liftbridge 09A - Doppelbock
Liftbridge 09C - Baltic Porter
Liftbridge 10A - Weissbier
Liftbridge 10B - Dunkles Weissbier
Liftbridge 10C - Weizenbock
Liftbridge 11A - Ordinary Bitter
Liftbridge 11B - Best Bitter
Liftbridge 11C - Strong Bitter
Liftbridge 12A - British Golden Ale
Liftbridge 12B - Australian Sparkling Ale
Liftbridge 12C - English IPA
Liftbridge 13A - Dark Mild
Liftbridge 13B - British Brown Ale
Liftbridge 13C - English Porter
Liftbridge 14A - Scottish Light
Liftbridge 14B - Scottish Heavy
Liftbridge 14C - Scottish Export
Liftbridge 15A - Irish Red Ale
Liftbridge 15B - Irish Stout
Liftbridge 15C - Irish Extra Stout
Liftbridge 16A - Sweet Stout
Liftbridge 16B - Oatmal Stout
Liftbridge 16C - Tropical Stout
Liftbridge 16D - Foreign Extra Stout
Liftbridge 18A - Blonde Ale
Liftbridge 18B - American Pale Ale
Liftbridge 19A - American Amber Ale
Liftbridge 19B - California Common
Liftbridge 19C - American Brown Ale
Liftbridge 20A - American Porter
Liftbridge 20B - American Stout
Liftbridge 20C - Imperial Stout
Liftbridge 21A - American IPA
Liftbridge 21Ba - Specialty IPA: Belgian IPA
Liftbridge 21Bb - Specialty IPA: Black IPA
Liftbridge 21Bc - Specialty IPA: Brown IPA
Liftbridge 21Bd - Specialty IPA: Red IPA
Liftbridge 21Be - Specialty IPA: Rye IPA
Liftbridge 21Bf - Specialty IPA: White IPA
Liftbridge 21Bg - Specialty IPA: Other IPA
Liftbridge 22A - Double IPA
Liftbridge 24A - Witbier
Liftbridge 24B - Belgian Pale Ale
Liftbridge 24C - Bière de Garde
Liftbridge 25A - Belgian Blond Ale
Liftbridge 25B - Saison
Liftbridge 25C - Belgian Golden Strong Ale
Liftbridge 26A - Trappist Single
Liftbridge 26B - Belgian Dubbel
Liftbridge 26C - Belgian Tripel
Liftbridge 26D - Belgian Dark Strong Ale
Liftbridge 27A - Historical Beer: Gose
Liftbridge 27B - Historical Beer: Kentucky Common
Liftbridge 27C - Historical Beer: Lichtenhainer
Liftbridge 27D - Historical Beer: London Brown Ale
Liftbridge 27E - Historical Beer: Piwo Grodziskie
Liftbridge 27F - Historical Beer: Pre-Prohibition Lager
Liftbridge 27G - Historical Beer: Pre-Prohibition Porter
Liftbridge 27H - Historical Beer: Roggenbier
Liftbridge 27I - Historical Beer: Sahti
Liftbridge 29A - Fruit Beer
Liftbridge 29B - Fruit and Spice Beer
Liftbridge 29C - Specialty Fruit Beer
Liftbridge 30A - Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer
Liftbridge 30B - Autumn Seasonal Beer
Liftbridge 30C - Winter Seasonal Beer
Liftbridge 31A - Alternative Grain Beer
Liftbridge 31B - Alternative Sugar Beer
Liftbridge 32A - Classic Style Smoked Beer
Liftbridge 32B - Specialty Smoked Beer
Liftbridge 34A - Clone Beer
Liftbridge 34B - Mixed-Style Beer
Liftbridge 34C - Experimental Beer