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Byggvir's Big Beer Cup

The official homebrew competition at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival. Judging happening September 8th and 9th at the festival.

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About Byggvir's Big Beer Cup

Byggvir's is a homebrew competition dedicated to showcasing historic, English, and European styles. Homebrewers, Homebrew judges and craft beer fans alike take part in this unique, once-a-year event.

The competition judged live at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival. Entries are accepted in late summer.

Who is Byggvir?

“Byggvir is my name, all gods and men call me nimble; and here it is my pride that Odin’s sons drink ale all together.” –The Poetic Edda Norse mythology tells of the Grotti, the great World-Mill, which long ago ground the flesh and blood of the Giants into the earth from which crops grow. Freyr, fertility god and lord of the harvest, is the master of the Grotti, which also transforms the grain from the…

Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/YVvs-BGS-rg

Huge thanks to our Sponsors

This competition could not happen without all our amazing sponsors! Thanks to each and everyone one of you for your help in putting on this amazing event!

Our sponsors help provide facilities and prizes for the staff and competition winners. Please patronize them and thank them for their support.

Ready to Enter the Competition?

The competition will open to entries later this summer. Until then, read up on the styles the competition accepts and start brewing!

Tim Roets - Competition Judging

Ready to Volunteer?

Byggvir's relies on a tremendous collection of volunteers to make the competition possible. We need help with everything from tracking down donations, sorting bottles, managing paperwork as well as judging the beverages and assisting the judges.

If you have ever been interested in seeing what a homebrew competition is all about, this is your chance! Click the button below and sign up as a volunteer. We will be in touch with more details as the competition approaches.

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